Lake Oswego Reads "Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher"

Since 2010 I have participated in "Lake Oswego Reads." It gives me the opportunity to meet many esteemed novelists and is my favorite annual local artists event.

Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher by Timothy Egan

The Interpreter
14"x11" Acrylic

Alexander Upshaw was described as loyal, intelligent, hard working, married to a white woman, disrespected, and "perfectly educated and absolutely uncivilized." This portrait was inspired by the physical duality he struggled with in his short lifetime. Educated and versed in English he traditionally wore white man's clothing as he fought for his tribe's survival against the opposing efforts to rid the native populations of their customary lives. His untimely death in a prison cell at the age of 38 devastated Curtis in late 1909.


Casually referred to as “mindscapes" or "dreamscapes” this abstract series is my winter respite from the rigors of plein air painting during the dry warmer months pursuing representational landscapes. These paintings grew out of an exploration of developing luminosity on textured surfaces using transparent layers of pure color. To my surprise they curiously began to develop a catalog of personal iconography and perhaps reveal an unseen vision of the subconscious mind both collective and personal.